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Cooperating in business as a long-term partner, sharing in problem-solving for bilateral benefit and success is our philosophy.

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Tanis Imex Co., Ltd has forged out a desire to provide Frozen Foods and Agricultural products in order to foster international trade. Having close connections with our business partners and garnering strong support from our customers, Tanis Imex Co., Ltd has diversified and extended distribution network. With an enthusiastic, dynamic, and highly-experienced team, we keep going into a one-stop exporting company based in Vietnam. We continuously strive to secure the best products in our importers, create the best-in-class cost efficiency and meet our clients’ requirements.

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The combination of a highly-experienced team and significant commercial activities has allowed us to develop a solid exporting foundation, centered on providing high-quality products, risk management skills. Currently, Tanis can supply Frozen Pangasius Basa, Frog legs, Leather Jacket Fish, Vannamei Shrimp, Squid, Octopus, Cuttlefish, and many more. Let’s find out our products

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"Light up the smiles of Vietnamese children"

Tanis Foundation: we spend 10% of every amount of profit on helping Vietnamese children who got congenital heart disease and lived in poor conditions throughout Vietnam.

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